What Causes Snoring

Snoring can often seem like a problem without a solution especially when it is getting in the way of a good night’s sleep for you and your partner. Knowing what causes snoring can be the key to finding out how to prevent or stop it.

Snoring occurs when the soft palate and the uvula vibrates producing a loud and distinct sound. The muscle tone in the tongue and soft palate has the tendency to decrease during sleeping. When this happens, the muscles in the throat area tend to relax more and collapse together which contributes to snoring. The more relaxed the tissues are, the greater are the chances of vibration or the sounds of snoring.

The Causes Of Snoring :

1 . Overeating and/or Lack of Exercise
2 . Alcohol and Sleeping Pills
3 . Smoking
4 . Sleeping Position
5 . Allergy
6 . Nasal Stuffiness
7 . Mouth Breather
8 . Small or Collapsing Nostrils
9 . Tongue Base Snorer
10 . Multifactoral Snoring

A person that is overweight may discover fat collecting in the throat region. The fat rolls and bumps lead to the air not being able to flow properly. Again, this leads to the loud sounds of sawing that snoring is known for.

Similarly, a cold or another problem that lead to a stuffy nose can deliver a similar problem. Obviously, a cold is not as potentially dangerous as fat in the throat since fat can obstruct the full function of the breathing passageway.

Drugs, alcohol and smoking are another reasons why people snore. Tranquilizers, sleeping pills, alcohols and the likes when taken in excess can cause greater than normal relaxation of the muscles in the throat area which aggravates snoring. Smoking on the other hand, can produce excess mucus which can cause the membranes in the throat to swell which can restrict the air passages.

Age is another factor. People tend to snore more as they get older since the muscle tone tends to decrease as one ages. The elastic content of the tissues in the throat area diminishes and the upper airway becomes more floppy and less resilient.

Upon discovering what causes snoring, it becomes best to take the steps to stop snoring. There are many different treatments one can explore how to stop snoring.


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